The new family member and a few other pictures


Here is Ethan Eric. The new addition to the Mencer family.


DOB: 12-8-08
Weight: 6lbs 5oz
Height: 19 inches

He’s already keeping Carolyn awake with his wee little cry.

Here are also a few nice pictures I wanted to share.


L-R: Aidan and Carolyn … both looking lovely.



L-R: Carolyn, Aidan, Me
Family mug shot.


So I may be scarce the next few days at least. No extra news, but I’ll probably be back in ‘action’ next week. We’ll see how it goes!

Pray for us if you would as this is a large adjustment for the whole family. Aidan has already taken on the role of ‘protective older brother’ when a nurse came to take Ethan for shots. Aidan gave her quite a stern look and grabbed the mobile-crib and said “NO!” He though she was stealing him away. There would be blood … and I think Aidan would have won. He’s beastly.


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