The homosexual agenda

I usually try and keep my beliefs on homosexuality out of my blogging simply because it's such a loaded subject. I will make it known right now - I do not support the lifestyle. Period. I'm all for helping the people. But what they do is not something I agree with.

However, I'm tired of feeling like I can't have that opinion. So what - I don't agree with your life choice. How does that make me a hater? Do you agree with my life choice? Being a Christian? If you're against Christianity, under the same train of thought that would make you a hater.

And to be honest: I don't hate homosexuals in the least. I dislike the lifestyle. Hey, I even dislike the attitudes a lot of them tend to have.

I once had an instructor at the University of Phoenix pose the question "What is your opinion on homosexuality?" So I gave my opinion. I got an acceptable score, but what the instructor said made me quite upset. He called me a bigot.

I'm a bigot because I don't think it's right.

Are vegetarians bigots because they don't think eating meat is right?

What about people who don't think doing drugs is right? Are they bigots too?

Now even McDonalds is joining the 'cause' to promote homosexuality. Come on! No offense, but this is getting ridiculous. According to the American Family Association, when they asked McDonalds to stay neutral on this subject they refused and "A McDonald’s official (Bill Whitman) went so far as to say that those who oppose the gay agenda are motivated by hate." [ McDonald's pays 56 employees to attend meeting promoting the gay agenda ]

Is it too much to ask not to have this crap forced down my throat at every moment? Every show must have a gay person - and then every show needs to have a jerk, hypocritical religious type. Every movies tends to have a gay or bi person. Nearly every web comic I read has a gay or lesbian character. Frick, even a series of X-Men comics made Colossus gay. Yeah, thanks a lot Joss Whedon for ruining a character for me.

So if you think I'm a bigot because of this. Fine. Whatever. You think I'm a hater? Fine, I'll be your supposed hater. But calling people bigots, haters, closed minded, etc is only a childish way of getting them to agree with you. My making them feel bad for disagreeing with you, you don't convince them you're right you only manipulate their ego's to get them to agree to just be quiet.

Well ... good thing I have no ego.

Give me GOOD reasons to agree and I'll agree. Give me the same rubbish I've been getting fed and I'll toss it in the trash with the rest of the garbage people try and convince me of.