The Greener Grass

Green field Landscape
The grass always seems greener in the other pastures.

Sure, that's not exactly how that phrase goes, but it's applicable to so many things. Life in general always looks better when you're looking at it from a different angle.

What happens when finally you get to that greener pasture and you find it infested with mites? Or you find a mole has dug itself through the entire lawn making it impossible to go anywhere without sinking? Perhaps it's that grass that you can buy in rolls to make it look like you have healthy grass, but instead it dies in a few months because the soil beneath is bad. Or, even better .. it's plastic, fake grass.

Rather than always looking for the greener pastures, maybe it would be better to see how you can tend your own lawn and make it grow.

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. - Philippians 4:11

PS: This is not a reflection on how I feel about my current job. I just want to insure that's know before anyone makes a stink. My job is awesome.