The Fat Tax


The state of Alabama has issued a warning to its state workers: Get fit or pay up.

In August, the Alabama State Employees' Insurance Board approved a plan that will charge workers  an additional $25 to cover their insurance premiums, if they don't take advantage of free health screenings available to all state employees. The program, to begin in January, will require state workers to receive medical screenings for body mass index and health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.


Why is this scary? Because the government is now dictating how we eat and whether we want to be healthy. While this is only for state workers - I can see this carry on to all citizens. Schwarzenegger already started it by passing a bill that bans trans-fat in foods ... meaning you can't have your yummy, greasy McDonald's fries the way you like it. While that bill is only in California, it always starts small. Today, trans-fat in California. Tomorrow, vegetarianism across the board. Next thing you know we'll hear quotes from 'Demolition Man' when John Spartan (played by Sylvester Stallone) exclaimed about wanting coffee and meat instead of the pills and measly sticks or .. ok not sure what was actually on his plat at "Taco Bell" ..  but the fact is, we'll end up being in a world where we can do nothing that is 'bad for us' as Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) states.

Feels like an infringement on rights - eat the greasy food. Yeah, it's only a FINE at the moment. $25 seems pretty paltry, but think about it. Today, $25. Tomorrow, $2500 and jail time in a special fat camp or something.

I really don't like the government telling us what to do. And here people are going to vote in a guy who is going to expand government control like a mad man. Wonders of wonders.

Vote for Baldwin people ..


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