The death of Hootsuite, resurrection of TweetDeck

Ok, perhaps calling Hootsuite dead is a bit too harsh, but since their "pay to play" plan came out I honestly lost all interest in this program. Why?

Well, first of all it didn't offer much to make me WANT to pay for it, other than RSS feeds to my social networks. No big deal. With the right plugins I can do all that myself anyway. The only other thing was the pay limited how many accounts I could use. Which, honestly, was why I liked Hootsuite in the first place. I have several pages on Facebook and would love to update without going to each one.

My personal solution came in the form of an Adobe AIR program called "TweetDeck". This desktop app packs all the punches that Hootsuite did with the exception of feeding all your social networks your RSS feeds. Again, no big deal.

And now, TweetDeck has a new Google Chrome addon, so you just need to install this browser extention and away you go! It's a win-win for everyone.

And did I mention that TweetDeck is free?

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