The Curse of Technology

The Curse of Technology
One beautiful Saturday morning I sat in the kitchen while my two boys played blissfully with cars and other toys. As I watched the thought "I should take this quiet moment and grab my laptop" crept into my mind.

I realized suddenly, and sadly, how technologically cursed we've become.

Rather than thinking, "This is a great moment. I should sit and enjoy my children" I had considered running off and leaving them to their own devices. After all, there was things to do. I had to check my emails, Facebook and Twitter. I needed to read my RSS feeds and stay ahead of the 'game'. I could even work on one of my writing projects .. so much to do, so many toys to play with.

We, as a human race, have become so attached to our gadgets. Any quiet moment we may have becomes filled with blips and flashy lights. We have cell phones, laptops, e-readers (ala Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod, BN Nook), game systems, radios, MP3 players and televisions making noises in our faces so often we forget the things that are important.

Today, think about things that can be enjoyed, rather than time being filled. Whether its reading a good book, watching your kids have fun or sitting back while sipping tea and listening to birds sing happily in the sun.

On that fateful day I didn't simply rush off to fill my time with technological flim-flam. Instead, I did what a father should. I sat joyously and watched my children play. I even got on the floor and joined the fun. I enjoyed my children and enjoyed my life.

After all, work can wait. Life won't.


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