Stimulus package is a joke

Ok, I have to say I'm not sure why people would really be that excited about another stimulus package. Why?

Well, let's look for a second at the national debt of nearly $11 TRILLION DOLLARS! Now they want to add another $787 billion to that deal? Is that really a smart plan? If you're drowning in credit card bills, do you go and open another one? No, dang it, you try and consolidate, stop spending like a moron and pay the bills! You don't give a 400lb fat guy with a heart condition a bag full of salty, greasy McDonald's fries!

But that's not what this country is now based on - it's based on rubbing the feet of the lazy and giving loads of hand outs with the premise of "stimulating the economy". Hey, it didn't work for the last President, so what the heck makes anyone think it will work now? Personally, yes, I liked getting the check (about half of what was 'estimated' but oh well). We bought two windows for our house. Yes, that's all we did. Big deal, eh?

According to the President Obama stimulus package is going to be handing out large chunks specifically to certain states. Here they are - as well as their unemployment rate (according to CNN Money) as of December 2008:

Texas (5.7%)
New York (6.1%)
Florida (7.3%)
Wyoming (3.2%)
Washington DC (8%)
Vermont (5.7%)
North Dakota (3.3%)
South Dakota (3.4%)
Delaware (5.6%)

Ok, first, why is a province of another country getting any of the US Stimulus package? Washington DC isn't a state of the United States of America people - believe it or not our national's capitol is formally the District of Columbia (hence the D.C.).

Yeah, I had to point out the non-statehood of D.C. because a surprising amount of people think it's a city in Virginia.

Second, why are states with unemployment rates below 5% even considered? Michigan is at 9.6% unemployment (thanks Granholm, you're a help!), Rhode Island is at 9.3%, South Carolina is 8.4% ... so why are they left out?

I know President Obama is the President of the United State - and therefore he's my leader and President even though I voted otherwise. I respect that and all that jazz but what they heck man?! He seemed a lot more intelligent and put together while he was running for President. Maybe they have a brain sucking worm in the White House.

But hey .. President Obama did make change. The day of his inauguration a new site was launched.
Way to change the world. 
What should I expect from a guy who won the election via Internet marketing and social networks. He's the 'rockstar President'. Won by MySpace friends. Oi.


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