Still in a state of confusion

The last two weeks have been nothing short of confusion for me. Losing my job, my computer got no less than 9 viruses (yeah, you’d think I’d know better than to download a file without scanning it first but noooo) and job searches – it’s been nothing short of a miracle that I’m still semi-sane.

I have my computer now running a Windows XP Professional 64bit  version. I did this so I can take full advantage of the 4gb of RAM that I have. I soon learned that not everything works with the 64bit version of Windows such as my Oxygen8 midi keyboard and my Live Writer software.

The keyboard isn’t a surprise. It’s older and I think a little someone has broken it internally from banging on it consistently. But the Live Writer I couldn’t do without. I use that to do .. well, live writing. Blogging. I was surprised that Microsoft wouldn’t have a version of its own software for their own OS. Not sure why I was so surprised … it is Microsoft.

So, to make a long story short – I now have a Virtual PC running Windows XP Pro 32bit in order to use my software. Silly I know.

Eventually I’ll have a netbook with a basic version of XP on it for all my writing purposes. Until then, I’m stuck using this Virtual PC stuff … which, really works nicely to be honest.