Search Engine Optimization - RSS Feeds

Believe it or not, this is pretty important to getting traffic. This helps build your links and helps in searching for your site. An RSS Feed is basically a list of your last so many posts in an aggregated format. It's usually Title, Date, Part of the article and a link to the site. People use all sorts of news feeders to get information - so the more RSS feed sites you're on, the better.

RSS - any of various XML file formats suitable for disseminating real-time information via subscription on the Internet.

For an example of what an RSS is, go to and you'll see what one looks like. You can use any number of RSS Readers, including Outlook or a slew of add-ons for FireFox or Internet Exploder .. er .. Explorer.

Really easy, really simple and really fast to get your information out there.

I've been working on a list of RSS Feed sites that you may want to check out. I'll only include the free ones, because if you're like me your advertising budget is next to nothing, or less.


Let me know if any of these don't work.

It's important to get your feeds listed on these, or as many as you can. Some of these are 'pingable' if you use WordPress, meaning WordPress will send a notification to these places saying to reindex your site. Most, sadly, don't do this.

Tomorrow 'Social Bookmarking'


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