Oh ye multitude of fools

Reading posts while on a “break” doing school work last night got me chuckling about the idiotic ways of the world. How little they understand about God, the Bible, history or faith. Whether they’re "Christian” or atheist or worship their left sock. They’re completely oblivious to … well, anything other than what they see.

I read one post on a video for a Christian metal band (Becoming the Archetype) where the guy says:

I studied religion for over 20 years and you Christians are stupid. God is the one and only, then why do you worship Jesus too?

Ok, so that was a paraphrase because it was riddled with foul language.

But, this was one of the things someone who is ‘knowledgeable’ said and I just had to laugh to myself. Someone who supposedly studied religion would know that Jesus was also claiming to be the son of God, worthy to be praise, etc.

There were other posts but so-called Christians who really burned my biscuits. Claiming to be a Christian and then calling forth everyone to just “love each other and we’ll all go to heaven.”

I think the biggest problem for Christian lay in the fact that most of the church really doesn’t know much about the Bible or how to study it. They read it, sure, but they don’t know back grounds and why it says this here and not there. They don’t realize that it’s not a story book that you can read cover to cover and understand the content.

Atheists I can handle. I just let them rant, rave and insult and walk away. I say they’re in denial.

People who claim to hold faith in something I hold dear … that drives me nuts.

Oh, the same “wise man” who studied religion also claimed it was because of him studying Christianity that he lost his family, so therefore it was God’s fault.
God didn’t make him an addict to religion. Dedication to God is not rejection of your loved ones. I think this gent more took his study and worshipped that over anything else … if he truly is a learned man.