My diploma is here!

So, I'm excited to announce that Tuesday I got a large envelope in the mail with my diploma!

While this may not be that exciting for most of you people who hold multiple degrees and so on, for me - who has an excruciating time in school - it's a huge deal! Not only am I not good with school (never can understand what the crap the teacher or the books are saying) but I'm also a very hard to motivate person (just ask my wife!). So, when I actually completed my Associates Degree in Information Technology and Visual Communication I was thrilled!

So, I took pictures of the opening of the degree. So sue me. I'm lame.

Envelope from University of Phoenix

 Opening the envelope

 The case that encloses my diploma

Opened the diploma case

University of Phoenix degree

And there you have it. Sorry the pictures aren't the best. The lighting in my house stinks. I don't have a photo studio like some people.