KonoLive - Project Management Software

A few weeks ago I wrote about my fondness for a coding called Adobe AIR (See: Hello Adobe AIR) and to be honest, nothing has changed. I love this. So many free, lightweight programs that really do an amazing job!

One in particular is a program called 'KonoLive'.


With KonoLive you can create activities, invite others to view and work collaboratively and really connect. KonoLive works with Box.net as well as Google Docs to really make working at home a breeze!

KonoLive enables instant collaboration around your activities with peers and colleagues, so that anything you do is synchronized in real-time with all the people involved. It brings together all aspects of our busy lives into a harmonious environment of productivity - for our work life, social life, community life and any other interests we have, or want to share with others.
Now, KonoLive empowers collaboration by mixing in one location: IM, Skype, Box.net, GTD and Google Docs!!
And it's free.

For instance, say I'm working on one of my chapters and I'm collaboratively working with another writers. Let's say Todd. I finish the chapter and in KonoLive I'd set up a new task. This task I can assign who I share it with, write messages (and actively talk about things) and even attach a file via Box.net or Google Docs. It's awesome!


There is much more you can do with this - and as I use this (and get others to actively use it) I'm SURE this will really shine! Such an awesome tool!

So check it out - and let me know what you think!



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