It's Been a While 

It's time to get off my tuff and do more than be just another number in the tally of people who could have been.

Once upon a time, I tried to take up this blogging business. Made an attempt, anyway. I have folders in Google Drive with starts and stops to articles I wanted to write.

Life has a way of changing what you’re planning, doesn’t it?

I decided it was time to start this website again. I have a lot going on, but I want a place to document some of my starts, stops, lessons learned, and painful mistakes.

  • I plan on writing weekly, revealing some things I’m doing, sharing resources, and providing tools that I find have worked.
  • I plan on recording different videos, both entertaining and educational. Different channels, and niching down as much as possible.
  • I plan on creating products, and telling you guys what works and doesn’t work.

I hope that by doing all of this, it helps someone to success in this wonderfully wacky world of online business and entrepreneurship. Or, at least keep someone from doing the same dumb mistakes I do.

I wish us both luck.