I got pwned


That's it. I quit. I'm finished with the new clan I'm in.

All they do is shoot, run, move, hide ... I mean, come on. I'm fed up with it.

I'm going to join a clan where all they do is stand in a line and knife each other. That's real game play.


Ok, I'm not leaving DHD. But I get so tired of hearing people whine about tactics others use in the game. They're not hacks, but tools built into the game.One, which I do, is called 'bunny hopping' where when you're being shot at you *gasp* jump away to avoid being hit! Hooo  goodness! How could I do something so horrid like .. move!

Another is using what's called "martyrdom". This is a perk you can use in game (if you earn it). Basically, when using this perk, when you die you drop a live grenade and enemy in the area goes boom. Legit.

Launching grenades, also something in game, has been frowned on.

Heck, I've been in servers where they FORBID you to use air strikes and helicopters. Things that are put in the game.

In the end, these people are just whining because they got owned. I get owned by snipers, but that doesn't mean I'll call for a ban on sniper rifles.

The image says it all. "I got pwned," says the crying little boy.