How to Fight the Monday Morning Blues

I notice that Monday's in particular are quite difficult. Some would say 'teh sux'. It's just so hard to get rolling and start your day it's insane.

It gets harder when you have a slightly frustrating weekend with things breaking and other things not working how they should. For instance, Sunday morning we woke up to our microwave not working. The keypad in particular. It just wouldn't do anything. Weird enough, later that day it started to set itself new times and turn itself on. So, we ended up having to get a new one (Thank God for Meijer and a sale on a microwave). Not to mention the continual car problems I have adn so on and so on.

It just seems like Monday's are a day where you get done with a weekend (good or bad) and you think "Good gravy another work week".

I may have a better way to get through my work week however. You see, Monday's I'll be sitting down with a co-worker and a cup-o-coffee for a chat and pray session. We'll meet at Panera Bread and discuss things on our heart and mind and they pray. So far we've met twice and vented fears and such and prayed (briefly). I'd like to focus a bit more on prayer than on talking but we're just starting. I don't want to schedule things like "when we pray" and such. The fellowship I think is good in itself.

Has this helped? Well, so far I can say ... no. Not that I've noticed. However, who knows really how much prayer helps. What does God answer? What DOESN'T He answer? And really, does God answer prayers in ways we don't realize and then we think He's not listening?

A lot of crazy questions there.

However, I can say that daily pray has helped me in general. When I pray on my way to work I feel more at ease during the day. It keeps me focused not on the job itself or the paycheck but on God who very obviously gave me this job.

So how do I fight the Monday Morning Blues?
Lots of prayer.

On a side note: Seeing my two year old raise his hands in the air and say "I love you God! Thank you God" is an amazing feeling that warms my heart.


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