Harry Potter and the Battle of the Lawyers

No no, this isn't a new installment of the popular JR Rowling books (please don't sue me) nor is it a previously unreleased chapter from Order of the Phoenix. (ORDER ORDER!)

Apparently JR Rowling, Warner Bros and Scholastic Books is on a warpath. While some lawsuits seem to be legit such as their recent suit against Scribd (Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Attacks Scribd For Pirated Content) after a Wikipedia look it seems Rowling Inc has really been bashing down on anyone and anything that has anything to do with Harry Potter or even sounds remotely like a Harry Potter ripoff.

They even went as far as sending a legal notice to 15-year old web master Claire Field for the web site harrypotterguide.co.uk. I mean, really .. how devious is this kid to promote the world of Harry Potter! Shame on your for being a fan!


If you just read through some of these you'll be surprised that this supposedly kind, selfless and giving author (J.K. Rowling) could really do something like this. Of course, you can argue that it's her publishers or Warner Brothers and not actually her - but really ... don't think for one second that she's not in the cheering section.

Yes, some of these are legit problems such as obvious rip offs - but some are pretty out there.

I think I'll write a series now:

Parry Hotter and the Wizards Marble
Parry Hotter and the Room of Surprise
Parry Hotter and the Criminal from Wallstreet
Parry Hotter and the Cup of Warm Water
Parry Hotter and the Bird Watchers
Parry Hotter and the Half-Cooked Finch
Parry Hotter and the Barely Dedicated

Think I'd get sued for those?

Yeah .. I think so too.


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Battlefield: Bad Company

Here at the office we just picked up a new game called Battlefield: Bad Company by EA Games. It's a first person war shooter with a slew of abilities.

My quick reaction - holy crap this is intense!

I haven't played single player, but we've been playing online play and I have to say, not easy. While it's only  been out for a short while (as of 7-8-08) there are already a slew of people who are just insanely good.

Abilities you have are things from basic snipers to being able to fly helicopters, call in air strikes, shoot cannons (love it) and so much more. The basic weapons are decent, but really have little stopping power.

The things I hate about this game are things like: no dedicated melee button. You have to quickly cycle to your knife if you need it. Which sucks in quick fights. The online play is freakin intense and you don't change teams from map to map. So if your team sucks bad in a map you're stuck unless you want to log out and log back in, which we've noticed causes problems in which we need to restart the XBox 360.

I figured I'd dig around online and find a few tips and such about the game. This is all I found so far. I'll update later.