Google Chrome

chrome-205_noshadowSo, I found out Google released their web browser yesterday - joining in the already over-saturated Browser War ... why would they do this? Well, because they're insane and monopoly minded. I don't understand why they just didn't try and buy out some other already established company like Opera .. but hey .. good luck to them.

And of course I downloaded it. I need to have the option to check my sites in this new - no doubt soon to be everywhere - browser.

Install was fast, I must say, and easy. However, I have to really say there is nothing at all special or ground breaking other than that. Took me less than a minute to download/install. Fast and clean. However, first impression: Looks like the off-spring of Opera and Safari.

dlpage_lgThey have the tabbed browsing (like EVERYONE), the home page has a place for your most frequently views sites (similar as to Opera) and a menu-less design (like Safari). It's a fast environment, loads everything fine ... and really, just another browser. Nothing new, nothing that says "Hey we're better than the rest!" The only thing different is that Google is releasing it. Which is not really that great of a thing.

Over all, I'll probably never use it. Only to check my designs to insure they look ok.

Curse you Google for making me work harder.

Download it at your own peril -


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