Free VSTi for recording music

You may or may not have noticed - but I'm a big fan of music. I record my own stuff on Reaper (the perfect free DAW) and I'm always looking for something to help me on my budget of $0.

DSK Music actually comes to save me. These are  VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instrument) plugs where written on his freetime for the heck of it. Actually, I'm sure he wrote them because he needed something and then was kind enough to share them.

He has a lot of synths as well as organs, bass (which sounds great), brass, strings, piano ... tons of different VSTi and all for free.

The last one that I've been using is called 'Bassz' and is a bass emulator. If you're like me, you can't afford to BUY a bass guitar - and using you're regular guitar for bass just sounds .. lame.

dsk_basszDSK BassZ

- 24 bass sound (acoustic & synth)
- Master section (level, pan, fine)
- Amp. envelope
- Velocity response

Download DSK BassZ


While you're over at the download page, feel free to download the rest of this guys great stuff. DSK is awesome.


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