Can make believe be used for Godly purposes?

This is a serious question not something in jest. Did you know that there has been a movement, not new, that says that using make believe is actual a sin? It also says that fiction is a way to distract His people from focusing on His Word and on real things. I was once told that "reading that fantasy book is a waste of God's time and therefor a sin".

So, I seriously would like to know what people's take is? Can you use your imagination to dream and concoct stories? Should you do this? Can it be an effective tool to not only entertain but also uplift and edify people?

From a Biblical perspective there really is no verse that says not to. Even Jesus uses made up parables (stories) to illustrate things. So why is it any less if people like Frank Peretti or Ted Dekker or Stephen Lawhead use fiction to illustrate principles or even directly point to God?

I honestly have even been encouraged by stories that are of fantasy nature. I've read the 'This Present Darkness' and 'Piercing the Darkness' books and felt very uplifted. I also read a book that WASN'T Christian and felt encouraged to follow God.

So, your thoughts.


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