Becoming committed

I've been playing this game of "I'm working on a graphic novel" for several month now - even going to the point of casting characters, doing a bit of 3D work and getting a few promotional head shots. However, I have yet to do anything that solidifies my project and makes me more committed.

Yesterday I placed a large order for weapons. Guns galore, to be exact. They're not REAL guns, but air soft - and look (except for the orange tips) to be very authentic. They're all to scale, so they'll look extremely realistic in the project.

Why does this make me more committed you may ask?

Because now I have money in this project. Not a few dollars either!

So if you ever think you need to find a way to push yourself in a project to really start hammering stuff down - drop a wad of cash on things for it. That will be enough to motivate you.

Also, be sure to save up for it - not blow the rent or grocery cash on it! Which - so you know - I did not blow any needed funds to play soldier. I'm a good boy.


If you're in the market for air soft and props, go to - they have a massive selection!