Avatar - The Last Airbender


avatar-thelastairbenderI have a confession to make. These last few years I've been addicted to a pre-teen show called 'Avatar - The Last Airbender'. And while those of you who know me well enough probably are not that surprised (kid at heart) some others my cringe and think "How could Tadd, someone we respect so much as an adult, like this kids show?!".

Ok, so I'm probably not respected as an adult .. at all. BUT I still love this show. It's so rich in character, story line, plots and twists and humor it's hard for me not to like it.

The series follows the adventures of Aang and his friends, who try to save the world from war with the Fire Nation. The show's protagonist Aang is trapped in an iceberg when he is found by two members of the Southern Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka. After being freed from the iceberg, Katara and Sokka join Aang on a long journey across the globe; their ultimate goal is to help Aang acquire the skills to defeat the Fire Lord and end the war. (Wikipedia)

Well, the series it seems is over now. Three seasons. The final 4 episodes was actually one long movie. I loved it. I laughed. I was excited. I wept sadly (no, not really) and just enjoyed it.

Some day I'd love to buy the series. But each season is $50 each. So it may be a while before I can enjoy them again.

Lastly - in 2010 M. Night Shyamalan is directing the live action film - The Last Airbender. I'm pretty dang excited.



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