5 WordPress Blogging Tools

A while ago I did a post where I mentioned a few blogging tools (link). It's been a while since I really did any evaluation on the blogging tools I've seen or used, so let's do that now!

Windows Live Writer

For a long while this was the cream of the crop. This is what I used. I loved it. Easy to use. Hey, I still love it. You can do everything for general maintaining of the content on your WordPress blog. Make and edit page content, posts, categories. You can drag and drop images into the content area, give them effects, scale, etc. They'll upload when published which was awesome. It's a one stop shop. The biggest issue is: Cross compatability. There is no way that I can use this on my Ubuntu (Linux) laptop. Since it's a Microsoft based software, obviously it wouldn't play with Linux. Which is a bummer.

OS: Windows 

ScribeFire (Chrome | FireFox)

I've just started using this tool and I have to admit, I'm impressed. It's not even a standalone software - but an extension available for Google Chrome or FireFox. So far it looks like it does many things that 

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux with FireFox and/or Google Chrome


Being a Linux user, I went to look for something I could use on my laptop. Blogilo was in the 'ubuntu software center' for blogging and I immediately snagged it. It's a nice app for people who need to blog. You can add images, post to categories, etc. It's a blogging application. There are too many limitations to make this a really fully functional Live Writer alternative, but it does work wonders. It's a good app and I have to admit I'm a fan. 

OS: Linux

OpenOffice with Sun Weblog Publisher

If you've been around for any length of time you've probably have heard of, if not tried, OpenOffice. It's arguable the best office suite available, even possibly better than Microsoft Office. 

Ok, maybe not THAT awesome, but it's definately a great, FREE alternative.

There is an extension for this awesome suite called Sun Weblog Publisher that will allow you to write and author your article or post and then publish it to you weblog. I've only used it once and, sadly, it was lacking in a lot o features. However, it is a nice alternative for those who need a quick, simple and effortless way to post an article. It's great for content rich blogging.

OS: Windows, Mac or Linux

Just plain WordPress

Ok, so there is nothing wrong with going into your WordPress admin and making your post there. The reason I like most of these tools are they are all offline editors. Meaning, I don't need to be online to write my post. I could be in the middle of the forest, open Blogilo and write out my post - save it to post later. Then, the second I walk into McDonald's I can jump on their wifi and post it. Easy, done. 

However, WordPress does have all the tools you need if you have a consistent internet connection. Which, hey ... most people do it seems.

Conclusion: Are there any other tools I may have missed? Anything for Mac only that I obviously can't test out that may be awesome? 


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