This Final Earth

Ok, out of all the posts I was going to post I decided this was the one I wanted to roll with this morning.

As you all know (well, probably not but I'll pretend that I have regular readers) I'm in the middle of writing some stuff. One of which is for a graphic novel that I'm working on with a co-worker here. It takes place in the not to distant future where an unknown race appears from nowhere with nothing in mind but the total annihilation of humanity. JUST for the sake of destruction.


This is the logo I'm running with thus far.

The website is in the works. Really there isn't much more to show at this point. We're working on some character designs now (Todd - co-designer - is an amazing artist) and we'll start getting things worked out.

The cool thing about this project is we're going to attempt to use all open source. Blender, Gimp,, Inkscape ... all open source. That's our goal. Our website is going to be run via WordPress - love it. Hopefully, using all open source, we'll have more flexibility and be more unique in design. I may also use Ubuntu Studio as a dual boot with WinXP Pro (DOWN WITH VISTA!). But we'll see how adventurous I am. Learning a slew of new programs may be hard enough - but jumping on a whole new OS may just kill me!

Ok ... wish me luck!


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