this final earth - Character Test

Some of you may know I'm working on a graphic novel with a friend of mine, Todd Morris. We're hoping to start  the story soon (like, this summer) and we've been working on the creature design. Last night, in a fit of insanity, I started working on a human character. This is what I ended up with.


How I did it:

Creative a male in Poser 7. Make the pose and everything through there. Exported the rendered image as a TIF and imported it into Photoshop CS3.

In CS3 I copied areas of his body that would have the clothes. The legs and pelvis for his pants, torso and arms for a jacket and his feet for shoes. I desaturated these and started using the Liquefy tool to move the pieces around to make look like clothing. Then I started adding a few details to the jacket like the stripes and the zipper.

I started on the hair using two shades of brown and a 1px brush. The Wacom Graphire2 worked wonders and I just softly flowed his hair in a winded direction.

The glowing power hand I just make a soft circle, used the smudge tool and then motion blur. The sparks are a seperate brush that I painted and then added a glow to.

TADA! Here there it is!


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