The woes of the Internet

Henrik and I where discussing the Internet and trying to decide whether or not it was really a human accomplishment we should be proud of.

If I think about it, yes - I'm happy about the Internet. Wonderful things have come from it - such as my profession (graphic & web designer). I know I couldn't have learned what I know without it. You wouldn't be able to read my regular ramblings (or irregular, your choice of wording). I wouldn't be in college. A lot of people I know - I wouldn't know. Including the above mentions Swede.

You can do so much and learn so much on the 'World Wide Web'. So why is it something even worth discussing 'good' or 'bad'.

Let's look as some things that are definitely not good.

Pornography, or more specifically, child porn. Definitely not good. Sadly, and disturbingly, it is prevalent in the Internet society. Pornography in general is worse, and agree with me or not, I think it's become one of, if not the, largest destructive force in marriages. Homosexuality is more prevalent as well as adultery. I blame the pornography industry.

Opinionism. While having an opinion is a very good thing (obviously I like to share my opinion) it gets to the point where the world thinks their thoughts are right and everyone else is wrong. The "if you don't like it you're an idiot" mentality of forums and personal blogs really has broken down the idea of thought and fact. Wikipedia, while I do enjoy it, also has caused problems due to the fact that it's objective to the author. The vast amounts of blogs and social networks and forums has created this bubble of 'information' that really, in the end, is a lot of smoke and bull flop.

Health. Let's face it people. We're fat. Well, I'm not. I'm extremely healthy. Ok, so I'm getting pretty squishy in the middle. When people spend hours (yes, hours) sitting in front of a computer your body tends to create ... FAT! Yes, FAT! I know people who will get up, eat some breakfast and then surf and chat all day while laying in bed or on the couch. I know others who sit and watch YouTube videos all day. Get a life! Go for a flippin walk already! The Internet has created a fat and slow society. I'm a casualty of this war. I'm on my computer at work 8 hours a day, then a home for another 2 - 3. Yes, I'm getting pudgy. It's not a wonder (though completely insane) that Governor Arnold Swarchenegger made it illegal to allow your kids to be overweight. Though I can't find any articles to support that (sorry!) there are laws in California against selling sugary foods and drinks to k-12 in public schools and only serve health foods. Which, my thoughts in another post.

So, friends, I'll let you decide. Is the Internet a great thing (online gaming is a plus ... I can quit anytime ... really I can) or is it a bad thing.