The Touch of God

The last few days I've been listening to some basic rock music. Anberlin Emery to be more specific. Good music. These two bands have been known as Christian bands, which is good. I can always use the encouragement.

However I noticed something today. God has been using the lyrics in the music to touch my heart. Convict me, push me, prod me and mold me to what He has in store for me. Honestly, I can't recall EXACTLY what was said, but they're things that have shown me my character and (hopefully) pushed me toward the character that the Lord wants to see in me.

It's very ... VERY nice to know that God is working through music and bands to talk to people like me. Being a musician myself that's what I want. People to be touched and molded for Christ through my music. Being the receiver of this is awesome. It makes me want to close my eyes, open my ears and mind, and see what else God wants to show me.