The Importance of Seeds

Last night I had a very deep conversation with my two year old. It was about Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross for our sins. We talked at great length about what it means to be a sinner and how it keeps you out of Heaven and away from God. Since he is yet a toddler I don't know how much he really, truly, understood ...

I debated then. Should I continue down this road or should I pursue this spiritual possibility?

At this point I could have told myself that Aidan is too young to understand the plan of salvation. He's too immature in his mind to really fathom what Christ really did or who God really is.

However, something came to mind. What if he could understand? What if he really could comprehend?

Can I really know what goes on in this kid's mind? Not at all. Aidan is an enigma to me. One moment he'll seemingly have no clue what's going on and the next he's quoting things or expounding on thoughts and ideas that Carolyn and I talked about.

So I went down the line, told Aidan how he can go to Heaven to be with God later on in life. Aidan watched me with wide eyes, not doing his usual fidgeting or looking everywhere but at me. When I asked if he wanted to pray and ask Christ into his heart, he gave a resounding "YES!"

We prayed. Asked God to forgive him for the bad stuff he's done. Asked Christ to come into his life. And so on.

So the question really is (and honestly is one no mortal can answer): If Aidan saved by grace? Or did he just do the motions? He wanted to pray more after that. This morning he wanted to pray right away at breakfast rather than waiting till he was halfway done with his oatmeal. That says nothing really except that he wanted to pray .. but is it the start of spiritual growth?

In the end, no matter what the answer really is - I'm thrilled and proud of my son. He shows such maturity and understanding that I can't comprehend. It excites me to watch him grow from baby to toddler .. and someday to a young man.

I pray that God will protect him.