Slow posting

Sorry about the lack of updates over the weekend. I know how many people so rely on my thoughts in order to get through the week. [End Sarcasm] If anyone noticed the lull I'd be quite surprised!

However,  noticed or not, it was there. The lull. Friday was my last post regarding my sad loss, the hard drive. My boss is going to see if he can crack open the casing for me. Then I can see if I really lost anything or if just some wiring from point A to point B was damaged. I hope it's the wiring!

The weekend went by pretty fast. Yesterday the family went biking. It was fun and I didn't get as tired out as I thought I would, which is good. I forgot some tools and had to leave Carolyn and Aidan to fend for themselves at the park while I ran home to grab a wrench, but it all worked out fine. I pull The Boy behind me in a trailer, and he seemed to really have a good time. It's funny though because he always ends up with dirt splatters on his face from the wheel - even though there is a screen to supposedly protect him from such things. But he's a boy, and boys like dirt.

I'm back in the saddle. It's hard to blog from home because by time I get to a keyboard it's around 10pm and I'm not in the mood for thought. I can blog from the office pretty quickly (yay Live Writer!) and it doesn't disrupt my work.\

Oh yeah - sorry about having no Wallpaper last week. Got busy with school work and didn't get one together. I'll have one tomorrow though.

Ok, off I go.