Should I repurpose old articles?

Since re-launching my website, I uploaded my old articles into my website from Wordpress (was simple thanks to Publii). What I didn't realize is, some of those articles date back to 2008 and are, to be blunt, terrible. 

So the question comes up, "Should I repurpose old articles?"

There really are three answers to this question, because it's truly not an easy one to answer!

Answer one: Yes.

Many will tell you if you want to rank in any search engine you need content. If you have a backlog of old articles, naturally you'll want to use those to quickly be indexed and rank for the keywords you desire. After all, content is king. A little cleaning action and you should be done.

Answer two: No.

Some schools of though will say reusing out of date content will only hurt your search results. As a website grows and changes, content viability changes with it. My website, CubeLab Media, used to be about game development. I had posted about 3D design, game design, and things of that nature. However, I rebranded as a content creation (See; Youtuber) and so content regarding making games is less relevant than content about Minecraft.

Answer three: Maybe?

What I think if all content should be looked at to see if it fits with your current blog strategy. I have a lot of content on this website right now that will never perform, and will only hurt my rankings. 

What I'll need to do is go through, decide what to keep, what to remove, and what to update. All my content should be updated in all actuality. Links need to be updated, grammar fixed, SEO practices need to be adhered to.