n. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

Over a year ago I was in a band called GreyHalo. Honestly, it was the best band I had ever been in with some of the most talented musicians I had ever met. I tried extremely hard to push the band. We had a lot of fans (to us) and some great shows.

But, I'm an idiot and ruined it. How, you ask? Well, the other gents continually wanted to change the style to a more pop based sound. And I, fearing going lighter, struggled and pushed for harder and insulted them (not directly mind you).

So, they all left. Chris and Jeremy went and started their own band (which is now, sadly, defunct) and Scott joined 'The Emberlight'. Which is still going strong. I miss those guys and wish that GreyHalo was still running strong. I know that I probably was the weakest link as a musician - but I would like to believe that I contributed to their musical growth. Though I know I'd be fooling myself.

So, to the boys from GreyHalo ... I salute you and miss you.


(L-R) Chris, Tadd, Scott, Jeremy GreyHalo: 2001-2005 RIP