Microsoft does it again ...

They screw over the little guy in hopes no one will notice that they're stark, raving mad (and possibly mentally retarded - no offense to mentally retarded people). As of August 2008 they're shutting down their music service which will effectively screw over anyone who bought music via their PlayForSure services .. which obviously isn't going to play for sure.

Goodness Bill .. what are you thinking in your multi-million dollar breeches?! Obviously it is about how many billions you're worth to the industry ...

Here is a snippet from a good article:

It was the Dark Ages, around 2004 or so. The iTunes Store was new and booming. Microsoft, in its bid to be the center of everything without having to deal with pesky “end users”, decided that the way to fight Apple was to create a developer platform. This developer platform would handle all the technical details of ensuring that people could “purchase” music files from a variety of online vendors, and play these music files on their (Windows) PC or on a variety of handheld music players. This developer platform would also ensure that such “purchased” music files could not be copied. This involves a lot of fancy math (encryption) which Microsoft was happy to license to companies running online music stores and companies making handheld music players, as well as including by default in all modern versions of Windows.



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