Linux, blogging and so forth

I have been using Ubuntu for a while. Started with 9.10 and recently upgraded to 10.04.

There is obvious disadvantages to using Linux rather than the mainstream Windows. Things like Adobe products still are not compatible with Linux out of the box. Naturally, you can use Wine (Windows emulation software) and install Adobe, but with issues. Or I could use a virtual installation of Windows (kind of like Bootcamp for Macs) and use the software there .. but, why have two OS?

On my laptop, however, I'm not overly concerned with Adobe software. I'm concerned with writing, programming, blogging (which I've not done for ages!) and other things that I can use open source software.

I used to use Windows Live Writer on my laptop (and home desktop) to make posts. Obviously, being a Microsoft software (powerful and free) it wouldn't work on Linux.

I just found, however, a software called Blogilo for Linux. It does many of the same things as Live Writer, and works pretty well. The two biggest differences is Blogilo doesn't create categories nor does it edit pages - only posts. However, for standard blogging, I think this will work nicely.

With that said, I'll be trying to and making more updates to this site. I'll also be working on a new theme to make it look more ... shiny.

So, if you're a Linux user, check out Blogilo.


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Blogging tools

I never really was one for using tools to help me manage my site. It always felt like cheating for some unknown reason. However, hindsight, it's probably a good idea to use some soft of 3rd party tool to get me rolling.

Weblob Tools Collection has a few links in Top 10 Tools to Get Blogging Done that give bloggers nice tools to get things rolling.

Right now I'm using Windows Live Writer. Trying it out. There are some nice features, but I'm not sure if I really .. LIKE it or not.

People area also talking up ScribeFire ... which I may look into after this. We'll see what works the best for me. Really, in the end, use what works the best for you.

For instance, I use a lot of WordPress Plugins. 28 to be exact. Not all are for functionality, but all are used.