John Ball's Lion Exhibit

jbzs-logoYesterday John Ball Zoo opened the new Lion Exhibit specifically for member of the zoo. Carolyn, Aidan and I figured "Hey, let's check it out before the zoo gets busy! Members only!"

Goodness ... gracious.

Never, ever have I seen the zoo this packed in my life. The main parking was packed (and backed up). The over flow field parking was nearly packed (but it was backed up). So, we parked on a side street and made a short trek to the soon.

Packed. Holy cow. Packed.

StingRay_poolWe kind of did hit and miss with the exhibits. Our main focus was the lions and the stingrays (free to pet yesterday). We stood in line for about 10 - 15 minutes to pet the stingrays. Aidan thought it was awesome. Well .. yeah, it was sweet. The 'rays would come right up to your hand like a cat would and rub it's back on your outstretched hand. Very cool. They're so ... squishy feeling. Like animated jello.

Lion_10_Male_Docha_Yawning_Heather_Wittenmyer_10-2007The lion exhibit was, understandably (though still insane), backed up for a long, long way. We stood in line for about 15 minutes. Which, ended up being a waste of time. The male lion never showed. The worker said something about him staying in the holding area all day. What a butt. The two female lions where out .. but not exactly in an easy to view area. One kind of hid behind a tree and a rock. You could see her rump .. yay. The other stayed up top chowing down on some food. They didn't have their lookout tower open, otherwise you'd probably get a good view of them both. Ah well. Probably better that they had it closed with all the people.
Next to the exhibit they had an LCD screen with a live feed of the lioness eating. So, you can pay money to go to the zoo to see the animals ... on television. Wisdom -1.

Really it was a good time. Aidan was a really good boy. I was impressed. He loved his ice cream sandwich (one free for every person) and pretty well stayed with us like a good boy.

So there you have it. It wasn't really worth the trip for ONLY the lions, but it was fun and I know Aidan had a good time. So, in the end, it was worth it. But today I'm excessively tired and sore. Such is life, I suppose.