I am a Hat Rack

Or at least I feel like that is all my body and brain can do at this moment, provide a resting place for my hat. Poor Aidan is sick, so therefore most of the family got little sleep. Ethan I think  got more sleep than anyone else - and even he didn't sleep that great!


Now, other things to talk about.

I had a talk with Todd of LostGorilla yesterday - well, we talk every day since we work together. However, we talked about projects that are lined up. I have a story I'm going to do (other than Deadland Chronicles) that originally I saw as an easy story to do and so on. After talking to Todd and we came up with ideas for what can be done the statement was made that I "don't do any little projects". I won't give much information at this point on the other story because I want it to be  surprise. However, if this works I may do other stories I have lined up in a similar fashion.

Yes .. other stories.

I have a few of them. 5 at the very least - and that list will probably grow.


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