Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Movie Review

hellboy-goldenarmyTodd (lostgorilla.com) and I decided to go see the new Guillermo del Toro movie of the comic book, Hellboy. Well, it's sequel. All the previews look amazing and I really love Ron Perlman flicks, particularly the 'Big Red' movie he did in 2004.

For the opening day, even at 4:40ppm, I expected more of a crowd, but surprisingly the theater we were in was only half-full (give or take a few). Not a bad thing. I hate crowds. But it was surprising.

The first thing I'll say if the visuals for this movie where amazing. You can see that de Toro opened up his imagination and braved doing some really off the wall designs ala Pan's Labyrinth. And while some may have found a few of the creatures way over the top, I thought it was inspiring and awe inspiring.

As far as the story - well, it wasn’t' bad and by the flow of current movies it was very well written. There were a lot of dropped hints that could lead to a third movie, if desired (nothing has been said that I know at this point). I think the problem I did have where some large events that just... happened. No reason, they just decided to do it. They didn’t' explain why the elf prince decided to wage war then ... Just that he did. That was the largest one. It just happened.

This movie was dark, sarcastic, adventurous, fantastical and just pure genius. It made me smile more than a few times. Todd full fledged chuckled a handful of times.

Even if you're not a fan of the Hellboy franchise, this movie may be one anyone would enjoy. Not for kids, by far (though one brilliant parent thought it was toddler appropriate) but teens and adults will all find this great.

The language was low and no nudity or even innuendos (that I could find). It was pretty good that way. It was violent - of course - but not really gory.

I've enjoyed this story and hope they do make more in the future. We shall see.


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