Hear the music!

There are a few things that bring me unlimited joy.

Carolyn and Aidan, and seeing their smile or hearing their laugh. Seeing God in nature and watching Him work in my life.

And successfully recording music that I actually would listen to.

Yeah, I know .. that's a strange one - but if you know me you know that music has a deep place in my heart. It always had. When I was little I'd 'write' songs on a little $20 keyboard. Played trumpet in the school band. Played guitar in a few bands. I love to play and write music. I love hearing the results of my hard work recorded.

This last week I took two songs that never really got used for GreyHalo and re-recorded them. I added parts, took away parts and reworked the songs. They're not completely done yet. I need to record vocals on one and .. well, write vocals for the other. I also need to rework a few guitar lines in one of the songs because I don't know if I like it. Well .. sounds good, but I don't think it's what I want.

So yeah .. pretty excited. I can't wait to unleash it on the unsuspecting world.

Prepare yourselves, mortals! Shake and tremble! Glass Autumn is coming!