Get More Done by Walking It Off

A few years ago I had sent a few questions via email to one of my favorite writers, R.A. Salvatore. The premise was simple, asking a professional author for advice to someone aspiring to be the same.

Some of the answer I expected: Read whatever you can, pay attention, go to workshops and connect with other authors.

One thing he said to me was surprising: go for a walk.

Fresh air and a bit of exercise is great for your mind, body and soul. If you're been sitting in your chair in front of a computer for hours you're going to end up writing uninspired and unmotivated pieces. So, every so often, get out of your chair and go outside. The fresh air will clear any cobwebs, get the blood flowing to your legs and head and hopefully give you that boost you've been needing!

Sometimes to get the most done on a project you need to stop working on it. Take a break. Breath.

Thanks, Mr. Salvatore, for taking the time to email a fan-boy back and giving me great advice! It's much appreciated!


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