Computer problems

Ok, so I bought a new computer. Well, let me clarify - I bought several pieces that when put together will make a computer.

I'm no stranger to building computers. I've done it for years and I've generally enjoyed it. However, this system is presenting me with continual problems.

Let's start with the worst. it's a Quad Core Q6600 processor with an nForce 650i Ultra main board. I installed it all nicely, threw on a new GeForce 9600GT 512mb video card - sounds like it should scream, right? Well, it would if the processor didn't keep over heating and shutting down the system. Going out and shelling $20 for some heavy duty thermal paste HELPED but the only thing that successfully allowed the system to run was setting the voltage to the processor to 1.05 rather than letting it automatically chose (which was usually about 1.27). No problem, got that fixed. Now I can't find my copy of Windows XP Pro (I have the product code!) so I downloaded it from a torrent (like I said, I have the product code) and naturally it won't work.

So I installed Ubuntu 8.04. Got it running no problem - only thing is they don't make Linux drivers for my main board or video card.

I'm quite disappointed on what should be an awesome computer. Luckily I didn't thrash the old system totally so I can use this to do some things - but dang it ... this should be cake!!!

So, my faithful readers ... any ideas?


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