Coming soon ...

... to a family near you.

Carolyn is pregnant! HUZZAH!

We have been sitting on this news for a while (over a month) until she has a doctor confirm it without a doubt: there is a baby in there.

Then, she did this neat little booklet and sent it to her mom to tell her mom, and we had to sit on the news LONGER because someone didn't get the mail till today! SO now, I can officially announce it to the world:

We're going to have another child!

Stop groaning! It won't be that bad!

She is due in mid-December. So yes, it will be a Christmas-esque baby. We feel bad for him/her. But, we're glad there is going to be a baby.

So, please pray for us. I personally know a few families who have had miscarriages the past few months and so the fear of it happening to us as well is there. So please pray for a healthy baby and healthy mommy!


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