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Sorry about the lack of updates over the weekend. I know how many people so rely on my thoughts in order to get…

The Touch of God

The last few days I've been listening to some basic rock music. Anberlin Emery to be more specific. Good music. These two bands…

Soul Embraced - Dead Alive

51uqGkM7TTL._SL160_AA115_The return of one of the least heard about, but most under rated, metal bands on the Solid State Records roster returns with their new album, Dead Alive. The original three return (Rocky Gray [Living Sacrifice, Evanescence], Lance Gavin [Living Sacrifice] and Chad More) and they have added two new members that I don't believe where there to start with: Devin Castle and Jeff Bowie.

Now, if you're a fan of the previous releases of Soul Embraced (Immune and This Is My Blood) than you'll not be disappointed. In fact, I'm an old fan and I think this is by far their best release. The songs seem to flow nicer, they groove perfectly and it's as if they're completely sure where they want to go - and they enjoy doing it. Not that the previous releases didn't do this, but they did seem like they tried to follow in the footsteps of other bands in a similar genre.

Soul Embrace's Dead Alive brings 13 tracks of pure metal. Not straight up death metal because there is a bit of melody in there. That's definitely not a bad thing. There are also some really well written solos thrown throughout that really make your ears bleed nicely.

Really, if I was rating this I would give it a 10 out of 10. It rocks hard. Sounds great. And it definitely a CD worth having in any metal enthusiasts collection.

So go pick it up.

51uqGkM7TTL._SL160_AA115_Soul Embraced - Dead Alive

Soul Embrace - MySpace

Tracklisting: 01. To End It All 02. Breaking Point 03. A Curtain Of Deceit 04. The Devil's Reflection 06. Everything Reminds Me Of You 07. La Fin Absolue Du Monde 08. Crawl 09. Into Darkness 10. Judas I've Become 11. Bloodstained Nevada 12. Kill This 13. Dead Alive

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