I’m a fraud.

I don’t mean that in an illegal term. I’ve not been involved in any criminal actions. I’m not lying to the world. I am Tadd. That’s no lie.

And it’s not a “You don’t know the real me” kind of thing. Anyone who’s met me in person can attest to the type of person I am. Quiet, strange, and usually with a wacky sense of humor that hits when you least expect it.

However, with this website, I’ve been lying. Mostly to myself.

Look at how professional I am!

You see, I tried to set this website up as a Look how professional I really am! profile, when in fact, I’m far from it. Sure, I have a skillset that would qualify me within many careers. I tried to showcase quotes and a nice image to be a super professional guy. I realized recently, this isn’t me.

It’s not very likely you’d find me at a fortune 100 sitting behind a desk in a high priced suit making six figures. Looking out a window at the busy traffic and bustling bodies twenty floors down while sipping wine out of a McDonald’s straw I stole for a child. 

I have the need to be more creative. The freedom to sit down and be … me. 

I was made a nerdy, game loving, fantasy novel adoring geek. Hey, I’m ok with that. I much rather roll a d20 for initiative than pretend I’m going to be the next Matt Cutts or Rand Fishkin

So what’s next?

I’m going to stop over-reaching. My career isn’t going to hurt if my website isn’t filled with business recommendations, SEO jargon, and resume content. It does nothing for me. That’s what LinkedIn is for. 

This site will be going back to the original intent. A place for me to talk about whatever I want. Games, books, movies, television, technology, and everything that surrounds such things. 

The lesson I learned here? It’s something I’ve been preaching to my three boys for years. Yet I failed (as we all do) to listen to my own words.

Just be yourself.