It’s happened time and time again. A company is trying to delve into the realm of social media. They’ve started a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn and Google+. They’ve hooked up through Hootsuite so they can aggrigate everything together.

You site back, crack your knuckles, and ready yourself. Ready to plunge head first into this wild world of digital marketing.

Freeze time

What do you say? How do you say it? How does these social blasts align with your companies brand standards? What voice do you use?

The marketing manager enters and says you need to have approval for each post.

The sales manager enters and says your voice needs to sound like them, and you need approval for each post.

The CEO enters …

Well you get the point. The fluidity of this media grinds to a jarring halt before it even takes off.

It’s not bad ..

To be honest, it’s not bad to have a check point. Particularly if the company is new to this realm of marketing.

Meeting time

Before it gets to a three point approval process that takes three days for a 140 character line of text to be posted to Twitter, sit down with a team and decide how things flow. Plan out your first few social messages so you all can agree the feel.

Decide the tone. How funny or straight faced you are. Should you use clever puns or try to always be obvious when joking. Remember, you’re representing the company so how you say things can and will reflect on the business. If you’re too silly, people won’t be able to take you seriously. If you’re too serious, people will think it’s a faceless suit company.

It’s not rocket science, people

In all actuality, social media is not hard. The hardest part is presenting yourself confidently. Social media is a chance to connect with your clients and potential clients on a higher level. Post articles you write, 3rd party articles relevant to your industry, retweet from other people.

Remember the keyword

In the terms of social media, the key word here is social. Too often we don’t reply, comment, or like things on the networks in fear that it could be unmetered. Let go of that fear. If your employee goes to a business to business function, they can’t be watched to insure they shake the right hands, talk to the right people or say the right things. It’s social media platform that can, and will, evolve faster than you can meter it.

In the end, if it takes hours to approve posts, you’re not doing it right and you need to re-evaluate your strategy.