I have made my share of mistakes. Let’s be honest, we all have. Making a mistake with your kids, failing at your job, or even just having a terrible day can paralyze you. It can make it impossible to continue.

Don’t lose hope!

There is always another day. The sun sets on one, and rises on the next.

Learn from your mistakes.

Everyone will take different lessons from difference scenarios. They glean what they need. Sometimes they’ll take something that you didn’t see, or you’ll see something they never thought of.

At a previous job we had a large marketing campaign launch. I cross all my i’s and dotted all my t’s and I thought it was pretty solid. While I thought the market itself wasn’t right for what we wanted to do, the owner really pushed for it and we dropped a few grand into the campaign.

Two weeks later, when results came back, it was staggeringly bad. I was correct, the market itself was bad for the product. Even so, the advertisement itself performed pitiful.

Turned out, the location we advertised with a big, muscular, sporty guy would have been better served (and perhaps better received) if we used an average looking, healthy couple. WE pushed for “super-human” looking because the marketing for the product was strong, bold, and edgy.

Lesson learned: As the manager, I should have stuck to my guns with the CEO on the campaign. We should have did more research instead of jumping in both feet and “react on a dime” as he would say. More thoughtfully craft the advertisements, or better understand the people we’re aiming for would have produced a much more successful campaign.

The next campaign we did was better targeted, better suited and performed much more to our liking than the first. Instead of freezing up and not taking another chance, we learned and adapted.