Once apon a time I lived in a world filled with wonder and life. Now it’s war, darkness, hatred, and death.

Over the last year I’ve been slowing building thsi world of Ebrin. It was originally for playing Dungeons & Dragons with my kids. After some time, my sister and her eldest wanted to also play. I brought in a friend I met while playing other tabletop games. And our wonderful game started to unfold.

Now, I’m a player within. However, the history of Ebrin and it’s five kindoms lurk within my imagination.

I have started to build a wiki with all the histories, connections, and intregue I can muster. Perhaps your D&D group will play in this world. You never know what this world holds.

Welcome to: Legends of the 5 Kingdoms.

As I begin building the pages, I’ll send out some links for people to view. If you’re interested in keeping tabs, please follow my twitter account @taddmencer. You’ll get all the fancy updates.