In the past I’ve had the distinct honor of working with some fantastic people. I’ve learned a lot from them. Each person passing on their knowledge and wisdom. I gleaned much from watching, listening, and learning. Some times, I learned by watching their mistakes and failures. Other times, I learned by watching them triumph.

One thing I have learned, you need to keep up on changing times. I’ve heard the following phrase more often than I can count. “Oh, I did marketing several decades ago. I know what I’m doing.”

The marketing landscape is completely different from what it was thirty years ago. How you’d present yourself to your audience was print, TV, radio. That was it. There was no internet or social mediums to worry about. Even the way people consume the old media is much different.

If you don’t keep up, learning daily, you lose the chops. These are changing times. You need to be sure you know the latest Google algorithms and trending technologies. Then, you need to take this new knowledge and understand how to use it the right way.

Take YouTube.

The website that boasts over 1 billion users a month.

If you’re not leveraging YouTube in your marketing, you’re losing out.

Don’t try to use only the knowledge of yesteryear without adding in today’s tech. If you don’t know it, step back. Either learn it, or bring someone in who will.