Sure .. WordPress default created this nice little starter post title a long time ago. Hundred and thousands of other’s over the course of WordPress history has likewise created and simultaneously deleted the “Hello world” from their post.

I decided, however, to use it.

Not that this is the first time I’ve ever blogged in my life. Nay, I say. I’m a veritable cornucopia of bloggery!

Though, this site has seen it’s lack of blog posts in the last few years. Mostly, I’ve been hard at work doing my web designy and developy things. Making web sites so others can get into the ‘blogosphere’ and make money on the interwebs.

It’s high time, by gum, that I get back into the swing! So here I am. In my pseudo-glory!

So, Hello world! Tadd is back in the game!

Editors Note: This message may or may not be endorsed by Tadd, even though he wrote such foolery.

As I’m re-creating my website from scratch, I’ve realized the magnatude of the task at hand. How slow this is going to take.


I’m creating this entire site from the beginning. Not only that, I’m learning a new system, Jekyll, as well as Markdown and flexing my SASS muscles.

Please, be patient with me!