I sat down at my computer, as I had so many times, ready to work on a project. I crack my knuckles, get my serious face on and go at it. My fingers fly over the keyboard. The mouse groans in pain as I speed my way through polygons and vertex and texture painting. Look out, Tadd has gone into a frenzy!

This is how I’d like to say I am. Unwavering, unflinching and heads-down on my work. Sadly, it’s not. I’m easily distracted.

The world is full of these “distractions and walls”. We thrives on it.

  • Video games.
  • Stupid YouTube videos.
  • Hulu.
  • NetFlix.
  • Blogs and RSS feeds.
  • Emails.

We’re bombarded day-in and day-out with new information and noise. It’s no wonder people can’t get things done. We’re so distracted by life.

Even things that look good, like extra work, can be a distraction on what you need to do.

I’ve made it a goal to seriously look at life, see what I need to keep and what I need to purge. Sometimes it’s hard. I used to be in a band and write music, but I recently came to grips that stage of life is over. I purged myself of software and equipment.

I also have been an avid gamer, logging hundreds if not thousands of hours playing first-person-shooters and role-playing-games. When I realized it wasn’t aiding in my goal (being a writer) I removed most games from my computer.

There are other distractions I need to slowly weed out. I love watching movies and such. However, it may come to the point where I need to block certain websites from my laptop in order to keep myself from becoming distracted.

It’s hard to admit. However, in the end, it’s better for me. Less to focus on means I have more focus to use on what I want and need to accomplish.

What sort of things distract you from meeting your life-goal? Are these something to pursue or should they be purged?