I admit. I’m addiction to television shows. Not watching ABC or NBC television. I’ve refused to allow my schedule revolve around when a show airs. Yet, through the glory of video streaming, I’ve become addicted. Hours of watching shows like Dr. Who, Chuck, Fringe, and Arrow. Netflix originals like the fantastic Daredevil. Not to mention so many movies. I would stay up late binge watching daily.

This posed a problem.

My wife, God bless her, pointed to several articles indicating that people who binge watch tend to be more depressed.

Binge-watching is classified as viewing between two to six episodes of the same TV show in one sitting, according to the researchers.

So, she challenged me. One month without watching any television shows. Watching a few movies only. See how at the end of a month if you feel any different. With a reluctant heart I accepted. May 1, I began my purge.

I’ll be honest.

It was more difficult than I thought it was. I assumed it would be just an annoying inconvenience. Evenings were spent watching a few episodes of a show. Usually several more than necessary! My wife and I would watch a few shows while she did her work (she works from home as a book keeper). After a week without television, I felt a bit empty. There was times in which I just fell sleep as soon as my boys where in bed. Others where I would play Guild Wars 2 instead. Toward the end of May, I did notice I didn’t feel the need to catch up on my favorite characters. I could sit on the couch with a book in hand (or tablet in hand with an ebook). I could enjoy my imagination being stretched. I played card games. Drew pictures. Rather than watch television and feel my brain being sucked out through my eye-sockets.

How do I feel now?

Do I feel less depressed now? Have I found the secret of  life? No. I still feel lonely. I still get depressed. Yet, I’m not exacerbating the issue by sitting in front of a television for hours on end. My mind turning to mush. Imagination not being engaged. Creativity oozing out my ears. I am looking forward to watching some television again. I know now that I can get away without a show. There are more books to read. More storied to tell. More sleep to be had. More games to be played.