In a previous life job I was honored and blessed to be the marketing and project manager. I was of charge making things happen, and getting them done on time. I was head of the web amd marketing team, and it felt good. We increased productivity, sales, and efficiency.

The Plan vs The Goal

During a conversation with my direct superior he told me he wanted to increase sales and launch new products. I asked a simple question, “Do you have a plan to get accomplish these goals?”

He looked annoyed, turned his monitor to show me the custom sales reporting system we had, and said “This is my plan. Sales.”

The ultimate failing of a company is not knowing that you have no plan. Having a goal, is not a plan. Sales is your end result of a laid out plan. Not the plan itself.

When you start your business, make sure you have an outline how to achieve your goals, as well as what those goals are. The outline is a guide, and may be adjusted with time. However, having that guide will help you to reach your destination.