My name is Tadd.

For over ten years, I’ve worn many hats. I have been a web designer, front-end web developer, marketing manager, project manager, print designer, mobile game designer, marketing coordinator, systems administrator, and more. I’ve had the honor to lead full teams of talent to increase sales, web traffic, and brand reach.

I have also stepped outside the norm and into new media endeavors. Whether it is designing websites, front end development, learning how to code iOS games, graphic design for print, 3D graphics, fiction books, or blogging. I’ve enjoyed creating games, 3D graphics, and working with some augmented reality.

While working as a project manager and a marketing manager, I saw success at expanding sales, market focus, and organizing campaigns. My previous work experience has solidified my communication skills, and I work well with a team or individually.

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Tadd Mencer - Digital Marketing | Creative Writing | Web Design

Tadd is a reliable source for problem solving and honesty. As a boss, he genuinely listens to questions and concerns, and treats his marketing team as intellectual equals. Anyone would be fortunate to have Tadd on their team!

Katherine Reilly Mitchell

Freelance Writer and Editor

Working with Tadd as the Web and Design Manager was always pleasant. He is skilled in communication, design and project management. I would be happy to work with Tadd again.

Kristy Kieda, MBA

Feed Office Manager at Caledonia Farmers Elevator

I have worked with Tadd on several projects and found his leadership and work ethic incredibly professional. His direction and logical guidance make work flow easy and productive. He is easy to approach and a pleasure to work with

Matt Simpson Siegel

Freelance Writer, Creative & Technical


Digital Marketing

Web Design


Creative Writing

Keep up or step back

In the past I’ve had the distinct honor of working with some fantastic people. I’ve learned a lot from them. Each person passing on their knowledge and wisdom. I gleaned much from watching, listening, and learning. Some times, I learned by watching their...

Content is king!

For years I’ve loved writing. Whether fictional stories, marketing pieces, informational, or inspirational. There is always something enjoyable about sharing your thoughts in the written word.

Content is key to getting to know a company or a person. Well thought out content is vital to proper SEO and marketing strategies. A key way to develop a proper content strategy are through blogs, or articles.

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